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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are your contact hours?
    We are 24/7 by email, with a 12-hour response time, or you can reach us from 8am-5pm ET at (800) 361-6101.
  2. How do I file a claim?
    Call the corresponding toll-free number that is listed on your policy. Our direct number is 888.361.6101   Email us at Office@Dentalioa.com
  3. What procedures are covered?
    Almost all procedures are covered, based upon the Plan Level you decide that is best for you and your family. Have a hyperlink here for procedures section
  4. How do I change my dental policy to a different level?
    Signing up for the new level is easy. Sign up with the new level, and then email, Office@Dentalaio.com.  Or you can call 888.361.6101, let us know the new improvement to your dental plan choice.
  5. When does my dental insurance go into effect?
    There is no waiting period for Preventive and Basic Dental Care. Each policy plan has Unique features and refer to your policy itself
  6. What are the ages that our children are covered?
    Children are covered on Family Plans from birth to age 24.
  7. What do I do if I decide to cancel my dental insurance?
    Call the 800-861-6101 daylight hours, and if the recorder comes on, leave your contact info.
  8. Can I add children to my policy?
    Yes, you certainly may.
  9. Is there an open enrollment policy?
    This generally applies to group policies.  We do offer all types of Group Plans

Other Questions?  Call us – 888.361.6101

Email us -  Office@Dentalioa.com