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Having dental insurance protection gives you a peace when the Dental Emergencies happen.  So now you are prepared, and save.

There Are Many Types of Dental Procedures

Our plans offer coverage for  Exams-Extractions-Wisdom Teeth, Root Canals-Prosthodontics-Dentures- X-Rays Implants-Cleanings-Restorative Fillings-Crowns-Orthodontics-Braces-More

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Dentistry is a competitive profession.  By having access to this nationwide network of local dentists who accept these plans, you are assured a selection of quality dentists in your community.

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L Oliver - NW Florida

Dental Insurance OA

This is not a Health Plan under the Affordable Care Act.  This is not a Medicare prescription Drug Plan.  The range of savings and discounts will vary depending on the type of provider and service.   These plans are not intended to replace health insurance nor cause you to drop others coverage you already have.  These plans are available with the purpose to save money for the typical consumer.